What People are Saying

"Strenuous rock singing show after show on Broadway is impossible unless you can regularly step off the treadmill and relax. My weekly visits to UBP are as integral to my singing the role of Frankie Valli as a pit stop is to a race car. Regular massage has sustained me throughout Jersey Boys, and especially during the most strenuous period ever: those intense tireless weeks of publicity and pressure leading up to the (thankfully victorious) night at the Tonys."

- John Lloyd Young of Broadway's Jersey Boys

"My husband and I lead an active lifestyle, which includes skiing, hiking, golf, etc. My husband has had several sports-related injuries and found Larry through his physical therapist’s recommendation. After seeing how much UBP helped my husband, I went to him for my own sports-related aches and pains. What a difference it has made! Now, after skiing moguls or hiking, in-line skating or playing a round of golf, instead of reaching for the Advil, we call UBP!"

- Lori Kortmansky - interior designer / avid skier

"I have been getting coached by UBP for one year now. I did a six-month intensive program and have continued with monthly maintenance sessions. Over the last year, I have lost 30 pounds and continue to lose and I have developed a daily, fun, exercise regimen. Much more importantly, UBP has helped me to develop tools to cultivate fitness, vitality, and deep joy for the rest of my life. For that and much more, I am deeply indebted to UBP and heartily recommend his program to anyone who wants a profound breakthrough in his or her life."

- George Johns, a.k.a. "Dr. Yo"

"Larry Rogowsky’s Urban Body Fix has made a lasting change in my health and well-being. The secret to that success for me was UBP 's gentle approach that met me where I was. He knew when I was ready to take on greater challenges and he knew when a baby step was cause for celebration. That approach resulted in the creation of habits I now call my own – even six months after my last session with UBP. I feel better and I have more energy. I am proud that, with the guidance of UBP, I have taken ownership of my health, my energy and my vitality. As a person who has a full life, the lasting changes UBP's guidance provided allow me to create a life I love without sacrificing my energy. I recommend Urban Body Fix’s Holistic Health Coaching to anyone who is interested in taking charge of his/her health, anyone who wants more energy to do the things they love and especially to those who think they can’t do it."

- Jeanine Debar

"I used to be the oldest and fattest person in my yoga class. Now, I'm just the oldest, but I don't look it! Thank you to Larry and Kristi, who's coaching and inspiration has caused breakthroughs for me and my body"

- Karen McDonald, Actress